Gohar Irfan Chaudhry

PhD student at MIT CSAIL. Working in the PDOS lab with Prof. Adam Belay.


  1. Palette Load Balancing: Locality Hints for Serverless Functions [ACM EuroSys 2023]
  2. Memory-Harvesting VMs in Cloud Platforms [ACM ASPLOS 2022]
  3. Faa$T: A Transparent Auto-Scaling Cache for Serverless Applications [ACM SoCC 2021]
  4. Faster and Cheaper Serverless Computing on Harvested Resources [ACM SOSP 2021]
  5. Serverless in the Wild: Characterizing and Optimizing the Serverless Workload at a Large Cloud Provider [USENIX ATC 2020] (Community Award Winner)
  6. High-Coverage Testing of Softwarized Networks [ACM SecSoN 2018]
  7. Mega-VM: A Memory Enhancing Framework for Datacenters [USENIX NSDI 2016] (Poster Session)


  1. Email: girfan (at) mit (dot) edu
  2. LinkedIn
  3. GitHub